What If You Could Train any Dog from

Start to Finish?

Get Direct Access to The Evidence-Based Methods I Use to Train Thousands of My Client's Dogs, from the Comfort of Your Own Home

Even If you Have Zero Experience

Watch the video below to hear from Ryan, New Zealand's leading Dog Trainer, using his years of experience and with over a thousand happy clients Ryan has built this unique online Dog Training Platform for you!

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Here’s a Sneak Peek of What You’ll Learn:

  • 42 Lessons - With Over FIVE Hours of Video Content, with more being added

  • Understanding Your Dogs Psychology - Reading your dog's energy, Defensive Behaviour, Predatory Seqqquence, and How dogs deal with Stress.

  • Basic Commands

  • In-Home Living - Crate Training, Affection, Rules and Boundaries in the house and more.

  • On Leash Training - No more Pulling on the Leash!

  • More the way!

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Who This Is For?

If you are:

  • Looking to grow your relationship between you and your Dog

  • Tired of having to worry if your Dog is going to React During a Walk

  • Wanting to Create a Better Life For Your Dog

  • Help your Dog Through its behavioural issues.

  • Gain a better understanding of Dogs Psychology

  • Finally, Stop your Dog from Pulling that Leash! Chewing that Couch! Barking at every little movement outside the house! and the list goes on....

Then this will be the most important page you’ll read today.

Because I want to help you to be able to

Create a Happier Home for you and your Dog.

But you might be asking…

“How Is It Possible To Help my Dog Through Their Behavioural Issues?”

My Program is so beginner-friendly, that I'm convinced a baby could use it if they really wanted to.

But seriously,

I’ve helped over a thousand clients and their Dogs at my Dog Training facility in New Zealand.

So I combined the common questions I would get asked.

Spending hundreds of hours ensuring this program will help dog owners.

Dog owners who have tried everything and tried looking for a way to get the help they deserve finally.

The beauty is you can go through the lessons at your own pace.

Jumping to the section which is most pressing at that point.

Using this online platform helps you stay consistent which is so important when training your dog.

From having trained thousands of clients' dogs from all walks of life and situations.

I quickly learned there is not always a "one size fits all" training method, on top of that each dog is different.

That's why this is a fully comprehensive training system to train any dog.

The methods in this trainer are science and evidence-based.

Meaning, that we are not stuck to one idea of training.

We acknowledge that different methods will work in different situations.

Every video is short and punchy.

Only delivering the most crucial information you need to know to help your dog.

Now, Who am I?

You might also be wondering “Who Is This Guy Anyway”?

Well, my name is Ryan Kiddell.

I started training Dogs 8 years ago.

Initially, it started out as a passion and then grew into an obsession!

Now I run New Zealand's number 1 Dog training facility.

Helping thousands of other people like you train their Dogs.

I’ve also worked with many big names such as UFC fighter Israel Adesanya's Dog 'Toothless', The New Zealand Army and many many more.

I started having Dog owners from all over the globe reach out asking for help.

So I decided It was time to build a platform where people can get help anytime anywhere.

Why Other Online Platforms Just Won’t Cut It

Other programs out there are generic if I’m being completely honest…

As someone who's spent over 8 years & thousands of hours training dogs.

I can say this with confidence.

Most courses out there are so-called experts with no real backing to prove their work.

Never getting to the root of the problem, or providing a band-aid fix,

Long videos that don't really explain anything or get to the point...

Sometimes they are using an already trained Dog...

Not being able to show you the reality of training an untrained dog...

I knew that I wanted my course to be different.

I wanted it to be designed so specifically-

That it’s taught in a way that when you are done learning & absorbing the information.

You’ll have it all engraved in your brain automatically.

The course comes with fortnightly live streams.

So you will be able to jump in and ask any questions and get help directly.

I do this because at the end of the day.

It's about the dogs and getting the best help for our furry best friend.

Get 1 on 1 Direct Access to Your Own

Personal Dog Trainer

  • 42 Lessons with more being added daily!

  • Gain Access to our Live Streams where you can ask Ryan directly any Questions about your pup.

  • Train from the comfort of your own home at your own pace.

  • Finally, get the answers you have been looking for!

Limited Time Offer

No Subscriptions, Lifetime Access!

Standard Price, $249

Get Access Now - Just $49!!!

How Would Your Life Change If You Could help your Dog with their Behavioural Traits?

Think about it…

You wake up and do your morning stretch & yawn.

You aren’t stressing about walking into the lounge and finding a ripped-up couch.

Or a smelly deposit from your dog on that new carpet?

You are not stressing and living in fear at the thought of taking your Dog out for a walk.

Thinking will they run off again today?

Your family wants to come over for a visit.

In the back of your mind, you are not constantly worried about how your Dog will react?

In fact, you have a newfound perspective of your Dog.

Now have the tools to enable you to gain back control of your life!

You are now confident to take your dog out and about.

Confident knowing that you have control.


You will be in charge of your life again.

Having a better understanding of your Dogs.

Gaining a stronger relationship with your pup!

No more running off during a walk to chase that animal!

Whilst you are silently judged...

Oh, the embarrassment!

(Yes I'm certain all Dog owners have been in this position before!)

Check out this training Session with UFC Champ Israel Adesanya

15-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

When you purchase our online platform.

You’ll automatically enrol in my 15-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

If for any unknown reason, you don’t find our online platform useful in any way.

Or It doesn’t keep my promise and you don’t get results for your Dog,

Then I’ll refund you the full $49.

Just send me an email at online@gooddogtraining.co.nz within 15 days of purchasing.

And I’ll give you every penny with no questions asked.

The Fork In The Road...

The way I see it, you have 2 Choices-

Choice #1: You don’t buy my “Online Training Platform, & exit out of the page.

Then immediately go back to the life you already know too well…

  • Tired of every day feeling the same, dealing with the same problems with your Dog.

  • Using all different training methods

  • Not looking forward to that walk, or that visit from the family...

  • Having to lock your dog up out of worry for what they might do.

  • Wishing you had some way to make a change.

  • Hoping to gain back your freedom and control back in your life…

You won’t be able to do the things you want to do…

You will have that constant worry, not knowing how to help your Dog…

You might go see a Dog trainer and spend 100's if not thousands on training.

Finding yourself not having the confidence to follow through with the methods yourself…

Or instead of that, you could do…

Choice #2: You purchase my “Dog Online Training Platform.

Learning everything you need to know to take back control of your home.

and start your journey to gaining a better understanding of your Dog!

You’ll be able to:

  • Reduce Stress! Gain Confidence.

  • Increased knowledge about Dogs

  • Gain a newfound perspective of your Dog.

  • Now have the tools to enable you to gain back control of your life!

  • Feel relieved that you don't have to worry about trying to find the best solutions for your dog anymore!


  • My “Online Dog Training Platform” will show you how to take back control at home and discover a newfound perspective and understanding of your Dog.

  • For a limited time, you can purchase my “Online Dog Training Platform” for just $49 usually $249!

  • It's stacked with 42 video lessons with more being added daily.

  • Gain Access to our Private Livestreams where you can ask questions to Ryan directly.

  • You'll learn things like Recall training, Rules and Boundaries in the House, and How Dogs Deal with Anxiety and Stress.

  • How to Read the Dogs energy, on Leash Training, Basic commands, off-leash training & much much more.

  • This course automatically comes with my “100% Money-Back Guarantee For "15 Days”

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